Our Projects in Kitui, Kenya

Kitui Development Centre, Kenya was established in 2001 as a charitable organization under the NGO Coordination Act 1990. The organization is dedicated to the improvement of living standards through reduction of hunger, disease and poverty by utilizing appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities among communities in the Kitui District. Empowerment leads the community to a change from negative attitudes, behaviours and practices in order to give life increased hope and dignity. We achieve this by working with communities to improve health, care and education for children and provide socio-economic opportunities for families.


KDC Orphans and Vulnerable Children Care and Support Project (OVC), with the support of the International Labour Organization, focuses on supporting the national plan of action (SNAP) in the fight against the worst forms of child labour through economic empowerment of communities in the Kitui District. Promotion and support of child girl education and the empowerment of women socially, economically and on political issues that affect them is also addressed.


Our Mission: The elimination of Child Labour through prevention, withdrawal , support and empowerment of children, women and other vulnerable members of society.

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